Our students, ages 2 to 80 represent all areas of Frederick County. Any individual who has a disability which makes learning difficult – Downs Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, Spina Bifida, Autism, Visual and Hearing Impairments, Attention Deficit Disorder, etc. Our students may have more than one disability. In order for a student to ride, they must complete the following FORMS.

Students are placed in small riding groups based on abilities. A registered Therapist and Riding Instructor develop a lesson plan that includes goals set by academic teachers, other therapists, work supervisors and physicians. Students are eligible to ride for 7 weeks in the spring and fall,
with summer classes available. There is always a waiting list of 40 hopeful riders. Riders join us once a week for a 45 minute ride during these sessions. Spring, summer and fall sessions are $245 each. Private therapeutic lessons are also available.

Riders may also participate in two in-house horse shows and attend the Great Frederick Fair Horse Show help in September.



You Must Be A Frederick County Resident.

Once you are a client, you are eligible to continue riding with the program.

Complete the Waiting List Application Form, found on the FORMS LINK and return to the office, through snail mail.

At that time you will be placed on the Waiting List.

Currently there are 40 on the list.

As someone drops from our riding program, someone from the Waiting List can join our Program.

You will then be asked to complete all other forms Participants Medical History & Physician’s Statement, Teacher and Therapist Referral, etc.

Currently, there is an approximate wait time of 3 to 4 years. We are limited by the availability of volunteers.


  BEN HAPPY PICTURE – Ben Myers – “It wasn’t until Ben was accepted into … Therapeutic Riding … we started to realize that although slightly different, there were still fun and adventurous things Ben COULD do.  … this is not a simple pony ride… on the horse, he can participate in tasks that are too difficult on land… throw a ball into a basket, open mailboxes, put toys in a bag, hand things to others.  … therapy providers also have noticed significant improvement in his ability to walk with a more balanced gait, more flexibility in his spinal scoliosis, and an increase in his spatial awareness.”

 Randy Picture Randy Bombing Ships  Randy Rose – “Our family has been fortunate enough to learn just how much people care about others and how giving people are with their time.  The attitude of the staff and volunteers is wonderful and always supportive of the riders and their families. 


My son  loves to  ride with  Frederick  4H on Saturday and during the week he  will  grab his  riding  helmet and let  me  know that Saturday will be soon and the our world will be brightened up again no matter what the weather brings.  Thanks again.