Our Mission is to encourage and provide Frederick County, Maryland citizens with medically certified mental, physical and/or emotional disabilities with equestrian activities to   learn basic horsemanship skills, improve physically with better muscle tone, balance and posture;  and improve their emotional well being, build self confidence and self-esteem—  the I Can Do It attitude.

Frederick County 4H Therapeutic Riding  enrolls more than 78 students who ride for 7 weeks in the spring and 7 weeks in the fall. Riders join us once a week for 45 minutes during these sessions.     Winter and summer sessions on Saturday mornings are available and fee based.  Private therapeutic lessons are also available.

Individualized lesson plans are developed by the riding instructor for each student in collaboration with his/her physician, therapist, and teacher, as well as program therapists and family members.   We provide the safest possible environment in which to challenge the rider to perform to the best of his/her ability.

Students learn to steer, control and interact with a large animal specially chosen for this work.  They play games and engage in therapeutic exercises.  As the rider moves through a session, aided by side walkers and horse leaders, they benefit from the movement of the horse, improving muscle tone, balance and coordination.  In addition, horseback riding improves self-confidence and encourages our riders to excel in other areas of life.